Sustainability is at the heart of PolyNatura's vision

Polyhalite will help farmers sustainably meet the world’s ever-increasing demand for food. Polyhalite naturally contributes to improved soil health, enhances crop productivity, and reduces reliance on harmful chemicals. Polyhalite empowers farmers to implement environmentally sustainable crop nutrition practices at scale. PolyNatura will support sustainability with clean processing and efficient, scalable transportation from mine to end market.

Sustainability lies at the heart of all the reasons why PolyNatura is very well positioned to mine, process and sell polyhalite. This is underpinned by the number of UN Sustainable Development Goals – or SDGs – that PolyNatura addresses:

Addressing 9 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

We are committed to addressing and meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Click any UN Goal to see how it is links to PolyNatura’s advantages.
Lower Carbon Footprint
Consumer Proximity
Healthier Water, Soil & Crops
Improved Crop Delivery
Certified Organic
Targeted Factor Productivity


Through the use of Polyhalite – and supported by our innovative solutions – we will contribute to enhancing the best-available, sustainable agricultural practices.