Polyhalite is an organic*, multi-nutrient fertilizer comprising potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sulfur to deliver balanced crop nutrition. It has the lowest carbon footprint of all major fertilizers.

The natural choice in crop nutrition

Polyhalite, a sustainable and effective fertilizer, provides attractive benefits.
  • Root disease reduction
  • Soil-conditioning properties
  • Enhanced residual nutrients
  • Increased macro- and micro-nutrient uptake
  • Disease reduction

Superior Efficacy

Up to 128% yield improvement from polyhalite application in the field.

Multi-Nutrient Fertilizer

Lowest Carbon Footprint

Healthier Soil

Polyhalite outperforms alternative potash fertilizers in nurturing agricultural vitality with substantially lower toxicity.
*Polyhalite is certified organic in the EU, UK, and Japan. Certification in the USA is in process.