Mining Plan

Our mining and product processing approach demonstrates our commitment to environmental guardianship.

  • Selective mining saves energy and reduces harmful effluent by eliminating/minimizing the need to mine and inefficiently re-handle waste rock.
  • Preparing the product for market only requires the crushing and sizing of mined ore and does not involve any chemical processing.

Underground Mine Arrangement & Development

  • Straightforward & low-impact mining
  • Depth: 1,500 ft
  • Average seam thickness:  5.4 ft
  • Room & pillar with partial pillar extraction
  • Low-profile, electrified mining equipment
  • Method suited to tabular, strata-bound deposits
  • Minimal surface disturbance & water use

Mining Method

  • Caterpillar’s “CM340L/445” Continuous Miner can selectively mine in low seams, reducing waste and boosting productivity.
  • Selective mining minimizes inefficient waste rock removal, improving the operation’s environmental quality.
  • The robust CM machine can handle the hardness of polyhalite and aligns with annual production targets.
  • The CM340L/445 offers increased flexibility by working in both development tunnels and production panels.