About PolyNatura

PolyNatura will mine, process, manufacture, market, and sell both bulk and specialty polyhalite fertilizer products from its naturally occurring polyhalite deposit. As part of its development, PolyNatura seeks to be a strong supporter of its local community of Hobbs, New Mexico.

PolyNatura will partner with internationally recognized construction and operating companies, as well as fertilizer marketing specialists to meet its 2021 production goals.


To become the pre-eminent supplier of polyhalite-based specialty fertilizers to the agricultural sector of the Americas.


  • To conduct our business with due respect for the natural and human environments in which we operate
  • To promote and market the benefits of polyhalite in the agricultural sector
  • To provide service excellence to our customers through cost competitiveness and effective supply logistics
  • To develop innovative polyhalite products tailor-made for specific market segments


PolyNatura will provide a suite of polyhalite products custom-made for various market requirements:


Granulated polyhalite


Raw granular polyhalite


Granulated hybrid