Ochoa Polyhalite

In-house product testing has shown that Ochoa Polyhalite ore has the typical mineral compositions and physical characteristics expected from high-grade polyhalite ore. Crushed polyhalite ore from the “Poly2” domain exhibit high polyhalite mineral proportions exceeding 92% with less than 2% of “waste” minerals anhydrite and halite in the ore.

Nutrient availability tests show typical Ochoa polyhalite ore contains nutrient contents similar to pure polyhalite, with high nutrient availability levels confirming the polyhalite ore is readily soluble and available for plant uptake.

Ochoa Nutrient Content and Availability
Pure polyhalite15.613.018.613.
Ochoa Polyhalite Ore
Total nutrient content13.911.616.712.
Available nutrient13.511.216.411.76.13.746.618.7
% nutrient availability97%98%75%95%


Metallurgical tests on Ochoa polyhalite ore have confirmed that the ore is amenable to simple and standard crushing and agglomeration to produce industry-standard granular, granulated, and pelletized products.