The Benefits of Polyhalite


Polyhalite is a naturally occurring mineral that can be applied directly to crops after simple extraction and minimal processing. The mining and processing techniques for the Ochoa polyhalite deposit consists of low impact mining and crushing to produce polyhalite products ready for market. These steps mean a low impact environmental footprint with no chemical processing required.

Polyhalite is pH neutral (low chloride content) with no negative impact on soil conductivity. Polyhalite has demonstrated soil conditioning benefits in heavily leached soils affected by conventional fertilizers.

Polyhalite is approved for organic use by the Soil Association and Organic Farmers & Growers.

Higher Yield

Numerous industry agronomy programmes have demonstrated improved yields and better crop quality in a wide variety of crops through the application of polyhalite either as a stand-alone fertilizer or as a part of a balanced fertilizer programme.

The combined nutrients available from polyhalite, including low-chloride Potassium, Magnesium, Sulphur and Calcium, all provide yield benefits particularly in acidic, magnesium deficient, and sandy soils. Common crops that thrive in this ecosystem include: citrus, cocoa, and nuts. This multi-nutrient nature of polyhalite supports balanced nutrition for crops and improved yields and crop quality.

Made in the USA

PolyNatura is the only naturally occurring deposit of polyhalite in the Americas, located in New Mexico, USA. The deposit is ideally situated to provide polyhalite to both the U.S. and key agricultural regions across Central and South America. The proximity of the deposit to these markets should ensure pricing and distribution benefits to consumers in the Americas.

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